Lakewood Fun

Lakewood Fun


The warm weather is right around the corner and this brings much excitement to the community of Lakewood.

Here in Lakewood, we are so fortunate to live in a city that is not only a walking community, but is also filled with things to do all day and night, especially once the warm weather makes an appearance. Here are a few things you might want to join in on or check out this summer! Experience the life around Lakewood this year.

Not too long ago the Solstice steps were created right in Lakewood Park. They’re fantastic for not only watching the sunset at 8PM on warm summer nights, but also to get a quick workout in. The steps were created to bring the citizens of Lakewood closer together and just to create another beautiful feature into this community.

Batter up boys, because another fun thing to check out is our baseball team! Yes, Friday Night Lights are back and they’re better than ever! This year they’ve got 5 returning starters (Juniors; Jared Naida,Blake Setta) (Seniors; Aaron Lorkowski,Justin Beach and Gabe Almodovar). They’ll be doing their thing under the lights this upcoming Friday (3/31) against Fairview. On Twitter, Fairview Athletics claimed they can get a bigger student section than Lakewood…so let’s prove them wrong together as a Ranger family this Friday night at 7 on the turf. The theme is Indians, so let’s make the Chief proud and don’t forget to wish the boys luck! Go Rangers!

Everybody loves posting a cute Instagram pictures of themselves once in a while, and that’s exactly why everyone should check out the “Cleveland” sign that is located at the Pier of East 9th, Edgewater Park and also in Tremont. It’s a fantastic landmark that’s worth the drive to check out. When the weather is beautiful, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a bench that’s located near it while eating some ice cream and enjoying the view of beautiful downtown Cleveland and the skyline. It’s a huge white sign! Ya can’t miss it!

Never take this town for granted! It gives us things to enjoy and kind people to meet. Take advantage of your city and enjoy every bit of it!