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    Elliot Jarrous

    Elliot Jarrous

    This week, we’re here with senior Elliot Jarrous. Elliot is our athlete of the week! Elliot is one of the captains for LHS’s boys tennis team.

    “How many people are on the team?”

    “About 17 to 20 people give or take.”

    “How do your matches work?”

    “There are doubles where you play with another person on your team vs two people on the other team. But there are also matches where it’s 1v1. Also, it’s best 2 sets out of 3. So like rock paper scissors. If you lose the first but win the next two, you win the overall set.”

    “How long have you played tennis?”

    “All four years of high school.”

    “So why are the girls and boys tennis teams during two different times of the year?”

    “I’m not really sure why, but it makes it more convenient. Because we practice and have some matches at the school and there are only a couple of courts, so it would make it far more difficult to have two different teams playing there at once.”

    “How many seniors are on the team?”

    “There are five.”

    “How many matches do you have a week?/When do you guys play?”

    “Between three and five times a week. It really varies when we play, but it’s fairly often so if you want to come to any of our games just ask!”


    Thanks Elliot! You heard it here folks, go out and support your boys tennis team!


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