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    Joe Thomas’s Job Offer

    Joe Thomass Job Offer

             Meet Joe Thomas, a 48-year-old IHOP waiter in Springfield Illinois. Joe has worked at IHOP for 11 years, and one day on his normal shift, local disabled Springfield resident Keshia Dotson walked in and sat down to be waited on and served. Joe said that Keshia and her husband had been regulars at the restaurant for years.

            He claims to have seen Keshia’s husband stop eating to feed her and Joe was just like ” Heck, if I’m not doing anything why don’t I go feed her so he can eat and everyone can be happy.”

           Keshia said she’s worked in the retail and service industry in the past and knows that most of the calls to the corporate are negative and he wanted to change it by contacting the corporate with positive feedback and posted a picture to IHOP’s Facebook account of Joe helping her captioned, ” He helped a disabled woman eat.”

           Keshia hoped the company would recognize Joe for his act of kindness but I don’t think anyone thought the picture would attract national attention to Joe.

           Joe said that since that photo was posted he was offered the opportunity to become a nurse. He didn’t make a fuss about the offer at all. He said ” I am out there to help anyone I can, don’t really look for anything in return”.

            Amanda Williams, one of Joe’s coworkers, said this is no big deal for him. He does this all the time and is an awesome coworker. That this time he just happened to get photographed.

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