Opinion on School Lunch

Opinion on School Lunch

Collin McDermott


Everyone knows school lunches are not the best and that most people will just give away their lunch to someone who they do not know or sell it to someone or just eat it but do not enjoy it. The lunches usually take and look nasty and most people can not even stand to look at them.

What I think the school should do for better school lunches is at least let us have open lunch so we can go wherever we want and get whatever food we want and it also a time in between schools hours to stop home and do what you need to do and it can be used to do a lot of things that you normally have to wait for you to get out of school to do.

If the school cannot accept open lunch because people will skip then they should have got go deliver food to the school or allow students to order food to the school for themselves without getting yelled at. I feel that if we had better food we would be more focused in school that would result in better scores on the state tests and it would make the school look better.

So if the school gave us more freedom and allowed us to order food than students would be more engaged and want to go to school more. If we have open lunch and they gave us 45-60 min time to eat then a lot of people could stop at home or do whatever they need to do. A perk of having open lunch is the school would save money on school lunches and students would actually be full so they would be more engaged.