Trapped! Escape Room

Trapped! Escape Room

Semra Dervisevic

You might be wondering whats an escape room that everyone is talking about? Well, it is exactly what the title means, you are trapped in a room with a group of people for an hour and you have to use your logic, and team work to try to figure out the clues in the room to escape. You are with a group of eight other people, and there is most likely a theme to go along with the room such as a Bank Heist, or Zombie Apocalypse. Before you go in, the instructor tells you a bit of information to get your head thinking in the way of the game.

If this sounds easy, it’s not! You have to get past red herrings, riddles, mind tricks, and mysteries of the room. if you manage to escape you not only can take a picture with your team, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you completed a complicated, intense brain game.

You should pre-book your time because the slots get filled up quickly! There are two locations currently in Cleveland, and Middleburg Heights, and a new one coming in Willoughby. There are multiple rooms per location, so if you figure out and escape from one you can do another or keep trying the one you can not escape!

They are constantly constructing more escape rooms so if you completed all the current ones they have, you will not have to wait too long for another room to have another enjoyable adventure.

Are you up for the challenge?