Brian Donahoe

Brian Donahoe

Lizzie Shuga

This week’s person of the week is junior Lakewood High School member Brian Donahoe. Brian is extremely involved in multiple in and out of school activities, ranging from Tae Kwon Do to pit orchestra to AP courses. He exemplifies the best Lakewood High School has to offer, balancing education, athletics, and extra-curriculars with ease.

Brian Donahoe values his education and performs exceptionally well in all of his courses. He is currently seventh in the junior class, ranking in the top 10% of the entire grade. He also carries a 4.3 weighted GPA. Despite putting intense effort into schoolwork and juggling three AP courses, he still manages to be involved in out of school activities and athletics.

In addition to a heavy school load, Brian is a varsity soccer defender on the Lakewood boys soccer team. He also has been a participating in Tae Kwon Do at the Lifetime Karate Lakewood studio and has worked his way up the ranks to a black belt. Brian now teaches as an instructor at the establishment. He is always putting effort into his athletic abilities and building team dynamics.

Brian is also majorly involved in the music programs and activities of LHS. He is a first chair percussionist in Wind Ensemble, the highest ranked band at the school. In addition, he also participates in pit orchestra for the school musical Little Women on percussion. He is very dedicated to excellence in music and is constantly bettering himself as a musician.

Brian Donahoe embodies the best and brightest that Lakewood High School has, excelling not only in academia, but music and athletics alike.