Miranda Larimer

Miranda Larimer

Elizabeth Scott

This week’s Person of The Week is Sophomore, Miranda Larimer. This is her second year attending Lakewood High School. Miranda’s goals this year were to better her grade point average, focus more on school, and join a sport. She was not able to take up a sport due to focusing on school work and keeping her social life very active.

Miranda says that her favorite class she has taken at Lakewood High would have to be Pop Culture with Ms. Flynn. She says she likes this class because she “likes the topics we talked about, she makes the class a lot of fun and it was a laid back class but at the same time we did a lot of work. Also, I like learning about how things formed because of Pop Culture.”

Miranda says that her favorite things about Lakewood High are “The vending machines because there is not a lot of enjoyable things but I also enjoy the art classes offered here.” Miranda has taken Fiber Arts, Ceramics and is currently taking Photography; she says her favorite out of these three classes would be Ceramics because she says “working with clay is a nice way to relax, you not only get to make your own pottery but you get to paint it and we get to listen to music.”

Miranda plans on attending Lakewood High all four years, she says she is very happy that she has made so many friends and enjoys the campus.