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    A.I.R. Testing

    AIR Tests in Ohio State.
    AIR Tests in Ohio State.

    Do A.I.R. Tests really matter?

    Do they even have any importance on whether a student’s intellectual level is appropriate?

    The A.I.R. Tests stand for American Institutes for Research. They are the state tests students take in the state of Ohio, and they are mandatory. Previously, Lakewood High School students took the OGT’s for graduating the school. The class of 2017 is the last class that does not need the A.I.R. Tests to graduate. Following classes must pass the A.I.R. Tests, as these are now in place of the OGT’s.

    Students often fear these tests, as they feel the tests are too difficult and fear failing. As intimidating as the tests are, it is even worse for a student to feel fear. Now that these tests are mandatory, it will result in our placement of graduation. This is even more crucially intimidating for students to recognize.

    The A.I.R. Tests will be taken electronically, and the internet is not the most reliable source. From previous experiences, it may not always work out to be the best way to test students, as the internet could go down at any  given moment. After the internet reconnects, students are in charge of their tests and must go back into the testing mode on their computers, and they are expected to fill in every question they may have already filled in before. There is no saving option on the test, which, like before, is not very helpful. Some students just prefer to take the state tests on paper.

    The A.I.R. Tests are the tests students must now take in order to graduate. The pressuring exams are what make students feel dispirited towards graduating.

    These tests may not just be the way to encourage students to graduate.

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