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    13 Reasons Why


    13 Reasons Why is a television series by Jay Asher. This series is about teenager and their experience in high school. Hannah Baker was one the main character who committed suicide and before she died, Hannah recorded herself saying 13 reasons she died. Everyone who made her kill herself had to listen to the cassettes and see what they did to Hannah.

    Clay was of the nicest and closest friends of Hannah, but he was also one of the reasons Hannah died. In the first cassette it was talking about Justin, the most handsome and popular guy in high school. He took a picture of her while she was going down a slide and you could see her underwear.

    His friend Bryce posted and social media and that was the first time why she started to get bully.  Hannah met a girl name Jessica, and they became really close friends. Alex was the new guy in the high school who joined the group and alter on dated Jessica. Alex made a list to anger Jessica saying he has a small rear and Hannah has a big rear. Every guy after that was trying to touch Hannah and got into a really depression and in the same time Jessica didn’t want to be her friend because she thought Hannah made the list.

    Her parents were fighting for the truth to see why their daughter killed her self and if she was bullied. Who raped Hannah and Jessica? Did he go to jail? What happens to Justin. Why was Clay one of the reasons? Will her parents ever listen hear the cassettes? If you want the answer to this questions you should watch 13 Reasons Why.

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