13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

Emma Bressler

On March 31st, 2017 Netflix released an original series called 13 Reasons Why. This series is centered around a boy named Clay Jensen. Two weeks prior his friend, and the girl he loved tragically killed herself. She left behind 7 tapes, 6 of them were double-sided. This series shows Clay listening the tapes, and visiting each place Hannah said to go.

Each tape is centered around one person, where Hannah tells the reason as to why they drove her to kill herself. This is a hard series to watch, and puts high school life into perspective. These tapes told the horrors of bullying, and how it can affect a person. They told stories about circulating pictures, rumors, objectifying a girl, violence, betrayal, stalking, rape, and many other experiences that can happen to a high school girl.

If you are sitting in a classroom right now, look around you. Chances are someone has experienced at least three things which were portrayed on this series. You might have even experienced it. Open your eyes. People need to realize that everything has a chain reaction, and even the smallest thing in your eyes could be the one thing to send someone over the edge.

I encourage everyone to watch this series, students, teachers, administrators, and parents–Everyone. Bullying has come to be an embarrassing word, that no one wants to say, or admit to. Someone who talks about people bullying them is shamed, and becomes even more of a target in the student body.

Teachers and administrators say they are going to help, but as we see in this series, they tend to help to the point they are able to cover it up and protect the school’s image.

There are more than 13 reasons why to watch 13 Reasons Why.