School Construction Progression

School Construction Progression

Daniel Keith

Since Lakewood High School has started the construction of the new buildings in 2016, the progress that has been made is surprising. The construction company has met most of their more important deadlines, such as having the C-building useable by the time winter break was over. Not only was it useable, it looked great inside and out. The students were so happy that they didn’t need to walk out in the cold to get to their next class in the mods, but this does mean that when its nice outside the students can’t get any fresh air in between classes.

Also the mods have been completely removed from the school grounds, so that gives the school the freedom to put anything else they want to fill in the empty space such as more parking or a field, or anything else.

Another part of the school that is making amazing progress is the east part of the building. The east building was probably the fastest part of all the construction. It seems like the construction crew put the least time into it, but it looks better than any other part of the school. The building has more of a modern look to it, the whole front of the building is glass so that you can see everything inside clearly.

The end result of the school should be a pretty amazing sight to see, and all the students coming back next year are lucky to have that amazing new building.