Spring Break: Should Teachers Assign Homework?

Spring Break: Should Teachers Assign Homework?

Elizabeth Scott

This is the final week until Spring Break, after all the AIR Tests and SAT testing the student body finally gets a break. Some people have big plans during Spring Break, some people will just hangout with friends and some are just going to enjoy sleeping in and lying around all day. The travel club is going to Peru this year and the Art Department is going to Italy.

Finally its Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean every teacher won’t assign us work to do over the break, which you and I would rather not do. There are people that will do the homework Thursday after school to get it out-of-the-way, people doing it at midnight on Sunday, people copying off of others and finally the people that won’t do anything. It’s not ideal to the students that on our break we have work to do. In a way, it is a good idea to have work assigned to us over spring break so we don’t forget what we’re doing in our classes.

Although, this is our break, our time to stop stressing about everything and just have a good time with our friends and family. We shouldn’t have to do homework or any projects on our 6 days off. Some students won’t have time to do any homework assigned especially if they are attending the Peru trip, the Italy trip, or vacationing with friends or family.

Dear All Teachers at LHS,

Please don’t give us any projects or homework to do over our Spring Break.

Sincerely, The Student Body of LHS