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    Courtney Moran

    Courtney Moran

    This week’s person of the week is the one and only Courtney Moran!

    Courtney Moran is known as one of the smiley faces you see around the hallways of Lakewood High. If you aren’t familiar with Courtney, I’d highly suggest you’d start-up a conversation because she’s always down for new friendships and having a good time!

    I have Courtney here with me today for a couple of questions on her High School career and just some key things you’d love to know about her!

    What sports are you involved in?

    Softball and Volleyball

    How long have you been apart of them?

    I began playing volleyball and softball when I was 6.

    Anything you’d do different or want to change about your High School career?

    I would’ve tried harder. I definitely did the bare minimum and really really wish I hadn’t. Doing well your first two years makes a huge difference and helps a whole lot in the long run.

    Any advice you give to the underclassmen?

    TRY.TRY.TRY. Don’t worry about girls or boys. Focus on yourself! it’s the most important thing that comes first. Also, worry about your grades before you worry about what your plans are next weekend..I promise it pays off.

    Plans in your free time?

    I work at Mooyah with my two good friends George and Alyssa. I really like it there and it’s fun making money because then I can go shopping and do what I want!  also I enjoy hanging out with my friends and throwing around a softball.

    Anyone you look up to?

    I definitely look up to my older brother, Kyle. He’s been both a mother and father figure to me these past few years and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

    Thank you Courtney for your time!

    That’s a wrap for this week’s Person of the Week! tune in next week for another Ranger 🙂


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