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    Xbox Scorpio

    Xbox Scorpio

    The Xbox Scorpio is something that has been a huge topic in the gaming industry since it was announced in the fall season of 2016. It will perform at very high levels that the gaming world has not seen before. Xbox Scorpio uses an eight-core processor, running at 2.3 GHz. PC gamers might not think that sounds like a big deal, and they’re right, it isn’t. You must keep in mind that processors on consoles are always packed into a very tight space, and more GHz means more heat. This is a very big boost over the Xbox One, which ran at 1.25GHz.

    On the graphical side of things, the Xbox Scorpio will have a GPU with 40 units running at 1172MHz. It will get 12GB of graphical memory, which means it will have more and faster memory. The 12GB will be sorted across the whole console.

    The console will come with 1TB of data, which is an extraordinary increase over the Xbox One. It will also include a HD Blu-ray player built into the system.

    Compared to Xbox One

    In the Xbox Scorpio you are getting a 4.6x performance multiplier. This will allow a wide range of possibilities for developers because of the ultra-high-resolution textures and 4K resolutions now included in the game development process.

    Digital Foundry, a popular YouTube channel, was shown a stress test running on the Scorpio hardware, so there is  much information on how the games will actually run, but Microsoft did reveal a ton of details on how the Scorpio will support all different types of resolutions and graphics.

    The stress test ran on Ultra HD at 60fps, which is amazing, but allegedly was only using 70% of its power. This system isn’t only for 4KTV owners, as many people think. Games made only for Scorpio will have graphic settings that can be customized at any time. No matter the TV, you will be able to turn down the graphics to fit that certain TV and at anytime be able to amp it back up.

    The Scorpio will be able to play all current Xbox One games and should will improve the performance of them, no matter if the have been updated for the system or not. The new gaming console runs on the same software as the Xbox one which means, there will be no reason to have to go out and buy all the games again.


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