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    We have a bit of a problem…

    We have a bit of a problem...

    So, recently, the city of Lakewood has come across a strange and a bit of a different kind of problem. When some people think of city-wide problems, they might think of money issues, or the school district. Well, that’s why this is a different kind of problem. The city of Lakewood is currently having a coyote dilemma that is shaking everyone up.

    Originally, this issue was brought to light in early 2017. It was reported that there was a coyote seen wandering around the Lewis Drive and Waterbury Road area. After about a week, the hype of that alert calmed down a bit. Eventually, a couple of weeks after that, a new alert was issued to the city to be on the look out once again. It was reported that a coyote, and possibly her cubs, were seen around the Clifton Boulevard area of Lakewood. Clearly anyone who lives in those local areas are a bit shaken up.

    However, no need to be frightened. By going to the Lakewood city website, they have linked a page directly to information about coyotes. From there, click on to the link to coyote problems in the community. There you apply online to get a free coyote guide to get more information in learning how to deal with them, strategies in getting them out of the city and back to the wild, and even information about how to be prepared if you encountered one.

    Coyotes may seem like a problem, but the city of Lakewood believes that the mother and her cubs separated from the male coyote. City officials believe that the pack may stay near the water since they too, are confused and lost. Please remember that probably don’t want to hurt you, they just want to get back to their homes. So, keep on the lookout and if you suspect there is a coyote near you, alert Animal Control or any authority figure!

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