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    Inmates Hide Computers in Ceiling


    Two inmates in Marion Correctional Institution Prison, located in Ohio, were attending a program that has now backfired. The inmates were supposed to be taking apart and recycling PCS.

    Later into the program the inmates were no longer being supervised and they decided to hide the PCs in the ceiling. This case happened in 2015 but only just now is being made public.

    Investigators found pornography and articles about making drugs and explosive machines. This all happened after IT specialists found excessive use of the internet on a contractors account. It just so happened that the contractor had not even been working that day.

    After investigating the source of network traffic, a member of the IT staff and two other inmates found a cable leading up to the ceiling.

    After they had removed the ceiling they found two PCS sitting on pieces of plywood. The inmate later told them that he used other components of other PCS that were apart of the program. He than later plugged t into an internet connection in the prison than bam was connected to the network.

    There had even been a record of passes being give to other inmates to access other parts of the prison. The prison is going to create a safeguard as to not let this happen again without fully taking away the program.

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