Things to do in Lakewood over Spring-break

Things to do in Lakewood over Spring-break

Maddi Tobey

Lakewood City Schools is having their spring-break in just a few days. The break will last from the fourteenth to the twenty-fourth of April. During that time, there are many things to do in Lakewood.

One of the many things you can do in Lakewood is take a trip down to Lakewood Park. You can play frisbee in the large field with friends. If you want to see a beautiful view you can take a walk to the Solstice Steps, which were built just last summer. It is the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy the scenery.

If you like reading, you could also visit the Lakewood Public Library, which is located on Detroit Boulevard. They have tons of books on just about any genre you can imagine. They also have a kids section, with movies and books. There is also a play area for the kids to have fun.

Lakewood is also home to many great places to eat. If you are hungry for Mexican food you could go to Cozumel or Chipotle. Both places are quite popular and have very delicious food. If you are looking for a diner style restaurant, The Place to Be on Warren Road is the place to go.

With Easter just around the corner, its time to make those easter baskets. If you’re looking for quality chocolate, Malley’s and Sweet Designs are two places you could stop. Both places have a wide selection of chocolates and candies that will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure.

These are just a few of the many fun things you can do in Lakewood. Spring-break only lasts for a bit, so make the most of your time!