Things to do in Lakewood

Things to do in Lakewood

Kelsey Shea

The snow finally started to melt and the sun started to shine for the people in the Lakewood. After three long months of on and off snow storms, freezing temperatures and everyone bundling up just to go outside, the weather finally decided to break.

Since the weather is starting to be nice many people have the urge just to get outside and do something. When the weather is nice there is no place better to be than Lakewood.

The city of Lakewood has so many things available to do when it comes to being outside. Many people can enjoy the sun by visiting Lakewood park. The park provides a brand new playground to enjoy, a nice pool to cool off in, and it also includes the break wall with an outstanding view of Cleveland and the beautiful solstice steps to view the sunset.

If you’re hungry, Lakewood has many restaurants to try and some do have patios so you can enjoy the weather as well. If you want to spend your time on the water you could go down to the Marina in the Cleveland Metro Parks and rent a kayak to spend your time on the water.

You could also bring your furry friend and take them for a long walk on the trail by the water.

When you are finished with all your physical activities for the day you can finally sit down and enjoy some ice cream from any of your local ice cream shops here in Lakewood such as Dairy Queen, United Dairy Farmers which is now called Uptown Mart, or Ice cream Joy.