Ohio Sports

Ohio Sports

Aaron Lorkowski

Ohio Sports have been on the rise in the last couple of years with Lebron  James coming back home to the Cavs and adding new players to the roster. It only took him two years after he came back to bring home the championship after he promised one. This year they have the number two seed for the playoffs. He looks to bring another one home this summer and defend the title.

The Cleveland Indians have been very solid the last couple of years. They went to the World Series last season and fell to the Chicago Cubs after going to a game seven in the series and this year have are 4-4 to start the season there is no reason to start getting worried because baseball is a very long season so they look to turn it around in the meanwhile.

The Columbus Blue Jacket are in the playoffs this year. They had a very solid season they won 50 games. Blue Jackets will play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the playoffs and hope to make a run and make it to the Stanley Cup.

Cleveland Browns after going 1-16 this year have the first pick in the NFL draft and there has come to be a big controversy over who they will use the pick to draft. The front office want to draft Myles Garrett and head coach Hue Jackson wants them to use the draft pick to get Mitch Trubisky. It will be interesting to see who they draft and even if they trade up to get better picks in the draft this year.