Trinity Ritchie

Trinity Ritchie

Macklin Hurst

The path of the artisan is riddled with a slough of challenge and dismay. Many who seek to master art, either in many forms or just in one, find a difficulty in creativity, time, and money. Trinity Ritchie is one such person that wishes to master the art that evades the eye, yet still perseveres to flourish: Theatre.

Trinity Ritchie, a freshman at LHS, actively works with the Barnstormer Drama club. She has lived in Lakewood for seven years, and currently lives with her grandparents. Her grandmother, Trinity attests, is the one that got her into theatre and the associative productions. When asked about the musical Moulin Rouge, Trinity practically exploded into a frenzy of passion. Her name itself, Trinity, is based off of the character Trinity from The Matrix (1999), although, says it honestly does not fit her.

Trinity claims to have very few friends, in fact, no one she considers a friend is even involved with theatre or the drama club. Instead, Trinity refers to the Drama club as one big family. Trinity goes further to explain that her ‘big family’ play a huge supportive role in her life. All the energy Trinity has left after school she pours into theatre. She saves up money for cloth, something that she emphasized greatly, “ Good cloth is just so expensive!” She plays major roles in set production, and has even started taking on acting. She played an eccentric tree for the Winter One Acts. “When I set my mind to something, I have to finish it,” Trinity said.

Trinity puts a great amount of importance on artistic expression and learning, and that goes beyond any academic standard. Both her favorite and least favorite part of LHS are the people in it. As an extrovert, she loves people and human interaction but loathes the apprehensive nature of people to care about how others perceive them. “So many people are obsessed about how people think of them,” Trinity said, “Being able to produce something yourself, [people] are in awe in what a human can create.”

Although theatre encompasses her passions all into one, Trinity has various other interests. The one that puts itself closest with theatre is sewing, and making clothing in general. Trinity wishes to someday make it to Broadway so she can make masterful clothing for many various theatrical productions. “I Just wanna see things and be proud of things that I’ve done,” Trinity said, “I just wanna make people smile.” That is, Trinity has much more merit to her spirit than theatre, for she wishes to travel all around the world and spread her artistic talent wherever she can. That relationship stems further, as she also wishes to learn from the many cultures, histories, and practices of the world.

When talking about how someone might be able to express themselves artistically and improve their artistic abilities, Trinity puts a huge emphasis on hard work and tenacity. “There’s always a way,” Trinity said.