Warriors Sweep Blazers

Warriors Sweep Blazers

Joe Byczek

In Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs the Golden State Warriors ended the Portland Trail Blazers season with a four game sweep. Coming into this series, the Blazers had a very different take on how this series was supposed to go.

The All-Star point guard Damien Lillard claimed that the Trail Blazers would defeat the Warriors in six games and advance to the next round of the playoffs. Everyone of course thought they he was crazy because of them being an eight seed taking on the top seeded Warriors who have the best record in the whole NBA.

However, even though it may have been a four game sweep, the Trail Blazers gave the Warriors a good run for their money during all of the games. In every single game excluding the final game that ended the series, the Blazers were winning for a significant amount of time and by a pretty big chunk of points. Throughout games one and two people thought that maybe Lillard was right, losing only by a few points and leading during the games.

Even though the season didn’t end the way the trail Blazers wanted it to, they had a very impressive end to the season by squeezing themselves into the playoff picture and clinching the eighth seed. The same thing happened in the Eastern Conference regarding the Bulls, Pacers, and Heat. The Miami Heat let their playoff hopes slip away from them by tying for the eighth best record with the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were rewarded the playoff spot and that ended the Heat’s season.