A beautiful set of flowers.

A beautiful set of flowers.

Dinar Naserallah

Ever thought about spicing up your garden? Gardening may just be the thing to ease your nerves and make your yard look beautiful at the same time. If you are one who has free time to spare, and needs something to do, why not garden?

Gardening is not something that can be done without putting in time and effort. Gardening also takes thinking: “Where might I put this flower? Next to these ones, or not?” As long as you have planned it out, gardening is not a hard task.

We also can’t forget about the equipment you need to garden. Shovels, flower seeds, hoes, rakes, lawn mowers, gardening gloves, fertilizer, and a good supply of water should do the trick. Just about anyone has access to the equipment, and it doesn’t take scientist to plant flowers in their yard.

People in general should care about their yards and how they appeal to the people around them. Taking care of a garden is obviously not a first priority to the people around us, but I believe that people should take the time and effort needed to put together a garden and perhaps they may find themselves a new hobby. Again, you do not need to be a scientist to plant flowers in a garden, and as long as you have the equipment needed, there shouldn’t be any hassle.