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    ‘Iron Man’ suit takes flight


    In the UK, there has been testing of a ‘Iron Man’ suit but not completely iron man. It has two canisters of rocket type tech on the arms of the human. They control the direction of the flight and also help lift the person. The same goes with the legs but more powerful and more of as a speed thing than steering. This has obviously been a work in progress for the inventors and is a prototype.

    The inventor had the idea as a kid for human flight and wanted to make it a real life thing. This was flown over at TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) over in Vancouver. The British inventor said “I did this entirely for the same reason that you might look at a mountain and decide to climb it – for the journey and the challenge.” and that was his motivation. Personally I think it is a great idea and it’s really cool to see this in action.

    The British Inventor created his flying machine using six miniature jet engines and a specially designed exoskeleton. He has a helmet with a heads-up display that keeps him informed about fuel use. The Daedalus suit is what he named it after his 8-year-old son Icarus.

    He said it is easily capable of flying at 200mph and an altitude of a few thousand feet. But, for safety reasons, he keeps the altitude and speed low. He insisted it is “safer than a motorbike”. I find this highly truthful because flying is always better than being on the dangerous roads.

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