YoYo Buyers club

YoYo Buyers club

Daniel keith

This year yoyoexpert.com started a program called the”YoYo Buyers Club” which is a subscription service where 4 times a year the company sends out a mystery box to the limited amount of subscribers. The box is dedicated to releasing yoyo’s to the club members before releasing them to the public for a decent price. If you were lucky enough to purchase the first ox then you have a guaranteed spot in the next 3 boxes, so if they sell out then they still have a reserved box for first club members.

The first box released had a theme of finger spins(spinning the yoyo horizontally on your finger). The items within the box included 2 yoyo’s(one high grade, and one lower grade yoyo), a letter confirming your spot in the club, and descriptions on the pre-release yoyo’s, trading cards, and extra string.

The next three boxes have yet to be decided on what the themes will be, but knowing the collaboration between Yoyofactory and Yoyoexpert, they wont disappoint the fans with what they release to the public next. They do have a very wide variety to choose themes from also, and yoyoing has so many different styles that it wont be hard to choose one.

So if you haven’t gotten your hands on the first box keep an eye out for the release of the second mystery box so you can get some pre-release yoyo’s.