NFL Draft

NFL Draft

Matt Hammad

The first round is over and moves have been made. Some unexpected and some expected. The Cleveland Browns has the first overall pick and made the predictable decision to grab Defensive End Myles Garrett from Texas A&M. He has been on the Browns radar for months now and it wasn’t a shock when the commissioner said Myles’ name. The rookie Garrett was actually already wearing a Browns T-Shirt under his Adidas shirt to reveal and the moment he was drafted. His family also had made a custom cake with a Browns logo and text that said “Welcome to the NFL Myles Garrett #1” So it’s fair to say that Garrett and his family were confident they were going to Cleveland.

The second pick of the draft on the other hand was a bit of a shock for everyone. The 2nd overall pick belonged to the San Francisco 49ers but the Chicago Bears made a big move by trading with them and drafting Quarterback Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina. People knew Mitch would go early in the draft but 2nd overall was a bit unexpected. Many mock drafts actually had Trubisky going 12th overall also to the Cleveland Browns.

Jumping to the 5th overall pick the Tennessee Titans selection was also a bit out of the ordinary. Everyone knew that this years draft was a very Wide Receiver deep draft, meaning there was a lot of talent in the Wide Receiver position but it wasn’t thought that teams would take any that early on in the draft because of the defensive powerhouse players still available. But the Titans shocked people with their pick of Receiver Corey Davis from Western Michigan. Then two picks later the Los Angeles Chargers took highly talented WR Mike Williams from Clemson. Then two continue the pattern, two picks later the Cincinnati Bengals selected extremely fast, John Ross from Washington.

The second round starts Friday April 28 at 8:00 EST and there is still plenty of big talent to choose from. These next few rounds should be very interesting.