Should Teachers be Obligated to Update Progress Book?

Should Teachers be Obligated to Update Progress Book?

Emma Bressler

The end of the school year is fast approaching. This means the double F rule is in full effect. This rule states that if you fail the fourth quarter, and you fail the final, you fail that class for the entire year. But in a lot of cases some of these Fs are due to not turning in an assignment that someone didn’t even know they were missing. Teachers are supposed to help their students succeed, but failing to update progress book with our recent assignments is causing us to fail.

In order for us to know exactly where we stand with a certain class, even if we are a good student, progress book must be update. Which is why I strongly believe it should be in the teacher’s job description to keep up to date with grades an assignments. While teachers are taking time to tell us about their newly renovated kitchens, they could be entering grades.

I am not amongst the students that have to be worried about the double F rule, but I know students who are. They have teachers who have not updated progress book since the beginning of the quarter, so they have no clue what they are missing. A lot of assignments have come and gone since the beginning of the quarter, so it is very hard to keep track of everything you turned in when you have five other classes.

Teachers are supposed to want us to succeed, this is a huge part in that. And this is why I do think teachers should be obligated to update progress book every week.