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    The Circle Movie

    The Circle Movie

    Based on the best selling novel by Dave Eggers, the Circle movie was released on April 28, 2017 starring Emma Watson (Mae Holland) and Tom Hanks (Eamon Bailey).

    Mae Holland is a young women who gets a job at the Circle, a company that comes up with technology to open the world up to everyone.

    At a party that is held by the company the day she is hired, Mae encounters Francis who she starts to take interest in as the novel goes on.

    Some time later on in the novel, Mae meets a mysterious colleague names Kalden, who she can’t identify his position in the company or even his last name for most of the novel.

    As she starts to rise up the ranks at the company and becoming increasingly popular, she starts to realize what the Circle actually wants to do and has to decide on what to do.

    Her friend Annie is also an employee at the Circle where as Mae starts to rise up the ranks in the company, Annie starts to become jealous of Mae’s success and tries to be able to reclaim her status in the company.

    Mae’s parents are also introduced in the book where her dad has multiple sclerosis and her mom has to stay home and take care of him all the time. Her ex-boyfriend Mercer is telling Mae that he’s going “off the grid” and dies later on in the novel.

    By the end of the book, Kalden is really Ty, one of the Three Wise Men and Mae tells the others about his plans to stop the Circle from completing.

    The film has an 18 million dollar budget and has a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

    So everyone, are you planning on seeing this movie or not?

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