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    Prom Season Is Here So You Know What That Means…


    Prom season is upon us, so you know what that means..tan season. Every girl has been talking about how they do not want to be pale and pasty at prom.  Winter is over so embracing the paste is no longer in season. Tan, golden skin is what everyone wants.

    You have many options to get that tan skin you want, Rather it be a real tan from laying out for endless hours, going in a tanning bed for 20 mins, or getting a spray-tan. Some people just like tanning the natural way from laying out, but take takes hours over multiple days.

    Others like the beds because of how time effective they are. On the other hand there are some who do not want to chance getting skin cancer so they opt of out exposing their skin to UV rays. So they take the spray tan route.

    No matter what opinion you choose to take, I would highly recommend going to Max Tan in Lakewood. Located in the heart of Lakewood, on the corner of Detroit and Summit.  This is my go to place for bed and spray-tans Especially when you are in high school, they have great deals.

    This locally run and operated tanning salon has a cute welcoming, environment.  As soon as you walk through the door, the warm smiles of the front desk brighten your day. So if you ever are in need of a good place to go tan, Max Tan is your place to be.


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