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    Upgrade Your Bedroom… Yourself!


    We all wish that we could have bedrooms like the ones on House Hunters or Pinterest, but our budget forces us to settle for the same mundane room we’ve had since we were young… Or does it? Although it’s impossible to completely revamp a room on a minuscule, a few simple craft projects can make the space look a whole lot fresher.

    One of the simplest as well as most unique and beautiful ways to improve the look and vibe of a bedroom is by simply taking a canvas or a sturdy piece of paper and gluing on pictures from magazines, photo albums, or online. Adding some ribbon, buttons, or other embellishments can enhance the collage even further, and for a few extra bucks Mod Podge adds a nice finish. There are plenty of ways to display your art, either by hanging it or framing it.

    If you have a walk-in closet without a door or a simple area out in the open where your clothes hang, this quick and simple DIY project is perfect. First, take a large amount of any colored paper and cut it into strips of an equal, desired width. Then, connect both ends of one strip and secure it there with tape, making a loop. Take that loop and slide another strip of paper into it, then secure that strip’s ends with tape so that the two papers are interlocked, like a Christmas garland. Continue this until the paper chain reaches a length that is suitable for your closet or clothing area, and hang it from the wall with tape. Keep making chains until you have enough to cover the area or doorway in front of your clothes.

    A third craft that can be used to improve your room can be made from string and fabric scraps. Cut enough string so that it will drape from one wall in your room to another, or within a window frame or other space. Tie strips of fabric in knots on the string until the string can no longer be seen (the fabric’s length and with can be whatever you prefer, as long as it is able to tie around the string). Once you’re finished, hang the fabric garland in the spot you chose using tape or wall hooks.

    Obviously, we can’t make any new furniture for our bedrooms unless we’re skilled carpenters, but it is possible to improve bedrooms by adding unique, handmade pieces of art to the space.

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