The NFL Draft

The NFL Draft

Garlock, Dakotah

Last Thursday was the NFL draft, people saw there teams pick new rookies that hope can contribute to their teams that they support. We saw the Browns and 49ers make some big moves to try to help them get better because they were the teams with the worst records.

The Browns made the obvious choice and drafted Myles Garrett with the first pick then they went on and traded their 12th pick to the Texans and picked up Jabrill Peppers, and then traded back into the 1st round and got David Njoku. The 49ers somehow got who was supposed to be a top 10 pick in Ruben Foster and also got Solomon Thomas but the crazy thing about nobody went after Foster so maybe there was some concern about taking him

We then saw the Bears make the worst in history by taking Trubisky. They traded their first round pick and another pick for the 49ers first round pick and the funny thing is that the Bears were only one pick behind the 49ers with the third pick.

Some of the grades for the teams are as goes the Browns with a A- they get this because they literally stole 3 players that were first round talents then ended up picking up a decent rookie QB in Deshone Kizer. Next the Bears with a D- because they drafted a QB that wasn’t supposed to be a top 10 pick. The Packers with a B+ because they tightened up their defense by taking a first round talent in the second round at CB.

So now we see what these young talents can do and see who will contribute to their team the most and see if any of these young talents can help teams out that didn’t make the playoffs last year or help a team out like the Browns who went 1-15 have a better record.