Zach Dudzik

Zach Dudzik

Lizzie Shuga

Zach Dudzik is this week’s honorary Lakewood High School “Person of the Week.” Zach is a senior this year and he is an exemplary student. Not only does he surpass every high scholarly expectation, but he is also involved in a multitude of other activities, excelling in music specifically.

This LHS member goes above and beyond in his academic accomplishments. He has a 4.3 GPA, putting him at fiftieth in his class rank. He has joined and succeeded in a myriad of AP courses throughout his high school career. Zach has also been involved in Academic Challenge Team from freshman through senior year. Zach plans to attend Ohio State University next year as a Computer Science Engineering major with a minor in Music and Slavic studies.

In addition to his focus on academia, Zach is also extremely sports and music oriented, focusing on his goals as a musician to carry him into college. Zach has been playing bass for six years and sits first chair in his orchestra. He has also been practicing guitar for ten years. He plays both of these instruments in Lakewood Project and has been participating in this organization for all four years of high school. Zach consistently focuses his efforts on long distance running. He has been a part of the cross-country team for three years and has competed in multiple marathons throughout his life.

Zach Dudzik is an outstanding student, a practiced musician, and a committed athlete. He is well deserving of the title “Person of the Week.”