Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Elan Dimacchia

As we all know, Lakewood has a plethora of ice cream shops. There’s Mitchells, Malleys, Ice Cream Joy, UDF, Sweet Moses, The Sweet Spot, Dairy Queen and much more. We will never know the true reason for why our city has so many places to purchase ice cream, but I’m not sure that I would complain about that.

If you live in Lakewood, you will also find that we many churches and bars, an odd combination I would think. But back to what really matters… ICE CREAM.

If you took a survey of jobs in Lakewood High School I would bet that at least half of the students with jobs work at an ice cream place. All of the ice cream places in Lakewood have teenagers working there.

I work at Dairy Queen and I absolutely love it. Most of the people who work there are in high school, apart from the managers. There are students from Lakewood High, Saint Joes, Magnificat, Saint Edwards and Saint Ignatius. A lot of the managers who work there have either been working there since they were in high school or have come back after college.

Although I’m allergic to dairy, I still enjoy working at Dairy Queen. I get pretty good hours for a high school job and the people I work with are really fun. I’m sure students who work at other ice cream shops would think the same.

We are always needing more help in the summer months, so if you need a job come into an ice cream place and apply!