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    Driving age


    The Drivers License, something that all teens look forward to. the national average age is 16. A 16th birthday is a big step for teens they get a sense of freedom and granted the ability to get their license. A lot of 16 year olds are in a hurry to get on the roads on their birthday. They think the sooner they can be on their own the better and others feel that they aren’t ready to drive yet. Some students live within walking distance of their school or there’s a bus, or they have friends drive them around.

    These factors play into people not wanting to get their driver’s license. I got my temps a little before I was 16 and didn’t care enough to sign up for driving school so  around the time school started my temps expired. Going through swim season with out a license is a little annoying, I feel bad always asking for rides from everyone.

    I recently renewed my temps and immediately started taking driving school.  I only have a couple of classes left and ill be ale to get my license.  I didn’t feel I was ready to drive until this year.  it’s a lot of responsibility driving a 2 ton bullet down the road.

    When you start driving is your choice, most people start driving under 18 but if you wait until you are over 18 then you don’t have to take driving classes which is a benefit to waiting.

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