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    Guns at Harding?


    On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 an eighth grade student attending Harding Middle School, Lakewood Ohio brought as what was seen two guns. The guns later were determined as toy pellet guns.

    The student flaunted the fake guns in his waistband to other classmates. Lakewood police report said officers were called to the school just after 8 a.m. Wednesday. According to the Lakewood Middle School Principal, Joe Niemantsverdriet, a student and her mother reported the incident to school official Tuesday evening.

    When the officers arrived to the school, they immediately searched the student and found a container in his hoodie pocket containing red balls which would be used as pellets for the toy guns.

    They also found the two air soft pellet guns in his book bag. According to the student, the air soft pellet guns were not his. He stated that another classmate must have placed them in his book bag without him knowing.

    He also stated that the pellets that were found in his hoodie pocket were not his but they belonged to a friend, which they used to throw at people. The student was then arrested and taken to the Lakewood Police station.

    In an email sent to the parents from Principal Joe Niemantsverdriet said, “I want to commend the student who spoke up and helped to keep our school community safe.”

    Fortunately no one was hurt and the air soft pellet gun was not known to be fired on the school grounds. Until further investigation and Lakewood’s disciplinary proceedings, the middle school student will remain in outside of school under suspension.

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