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    No More Sagging


    Saggy pants are a trend that continues to appear all across america. City leaders in Augusta are fed up with the trend and are taking a stand.”The Augusta Chronicle reports that a comprehensive dress policy has been approved for all the city’s facilities after a proposed ban on saggy pants.”

    The ban involves a citation and possible community service for those who violate the rules. One commissioner said the issue does not need a ban. “We have more pertinent issues to talk about. I don’t think the taxpayers are paying us to be the fashion police,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

    But others commissioners sate the problem just keeps getting worse.“We’ve lost about four, maybe five generations, Grown men have been allowed to do this and think it’s fine. It’s not getting any better… it’s getting worse.”said Commissioner Marion Williams.The stand against saggy pants has risen in other places as well.

    Two employees at a McDonald’s in Houston, Texas are taking a stand. They  added low-riding trousers to their list of banned attire. Signs posted at the McDonald’s say “Pull your pants up or don’t come in.” A spokesperson for McDonald’s said individual franchises are free to create their own dress-code policies.

    The idea of banning saggy pants is not new to the Huston area. Entire malls have already banned saggy pants, as well as the public bus system. Saggy pants are not an attractive trend.To get respect you have to show respect, My friends sagging your pants is not a respectable look.  Ladies and Gentlemen leave the MC Hammer pants in the 80’s.  Welcome to 2017.


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