Frankie Bruening

Frankie Bruening

Hanna Chodzin

This week’s person of the week is sophomore Frankie Bruening. She has been dancing for the Lakewood Rangerettes the past two years and intends to continue on the line for her final two years at LHS. Last year she also did track, but sprained her ankle midway through the season. Unfortunately this prevented her from doing dance group and gymnastics the following year, but she says she hopes to get back into it next year.

After school, Frankie volunteers for ASIA tutoring one day a week to help non-english speaking refugees with their schoolwork. Frankie says, “It’s really rewarding to see the progress they make with their english, and how quickly they’re picking up their school subjects. I also think it’s a fun way to spend a few hours and get to know them.” Frankie also danced ballet, contemporary, and jazz at the Beck Center for the Arts for about 4 years, but in order to participate in Rangerettes, Lakewood Track team, and Dance Group she had to quit and allow her ankle to heal.

Something you might not know about Frankie is she has 3 brothers and 1 sister, and previously attended St. Marks for grade school. She is an AP student and will be moving up to Symphony Orchestra next year. With a full house and a full schedule, Frankie stays productive for sure. Fun fact, Frankie also recently got a new puppy named Rudy!

Frankie says that she plans to eventually go to medical school, but she is unsure what university or what exact major. Since she is only a sophomore, she certainly has time to relax for at least another year before any major decisions.