Cedar Point

Cedar Point

Joseph Lemmeier

As many people know, Cedar Point has just re-opened for the summer. Just this past weekend, thousands of people were getting ready to ride some of the worlds most extreme roller coasters.

Cedar point dates all the way back to 1870, when it first opened on the Lake Erie peninsula. It now has grown to be the worlds greatest amusement park. Cedar Point is operated by Cedar Fairs, which is an entertainment company that partners up with nearby amusement and water parks. Cedar point hold the world record for most rides, which is 71. This includes 16 roller coasters, which is the second most in the world.

It isn’t just the roller coasters that make Cedar Point what it is today. Cedar Point has added so much more over the years. There is stuff for the kids too, including Planet Snoopy, which is a section of the park for younger children. Also a new addition is this arena, where they have wheel extreme shows. About two years ago they added the sling shot ride, which blasts you over 300 feet into the air.

This year they remodeled the water park, so now it’s bigger and better than ever. And if that doesn’t amaze, then stick to the main Coasters. Cedar Point is home to the tallest steel coaster in the world. The Millennium Force, which stands at a height of 310 feet.

Some might say that rides like the Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster are dangerous. This isn’t true because Cedar Point’s goal is to make sure people have fun and stay safe. Less worrying equals more fun, because there is never a dull moment at Cedar Point.