Lakewood Life- Lakewood Park

Lakewood Life- Lakewood Park

Collin McDermott

There are many different things to do at Lakewood Park. Some things you can do are go on the solstice steps, and relax during the day or night on the steps and just stare up at the word in all of its beauty. Another thing you can do there is go to the pool. The pool isn’t open yet but when it does open op it is advisable to almost anyone as long as you buy the pool pass needed to get on the pool grounds.

Another thing that Lakewood Park has to offer are their long walking trail to go on walking with your friends. family, or anyone else you choose to go on a walk with. The paths lead you all around the park and over by the water to see the amazing view. Along the paths there are many benches or chairs to take a break and enjoy the beauty of Lakewood Park.

More things include going to the basketball courts, the tennis courts, the volleyball courts, and many other sporting event courts. Many people enjoy going there for the beauty and for all of its amazing buildings. Lakewood Park has many things to offer including over by the solstice stairs there is a place to sit away from the sun but still see everything.

Some people love Lakewood Park so much that they would want to get married there and grow up in Lakewood so their kids can grow up there and enjoy some of the same things they enjoyed as a kid.