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    Lakewood Park’s new playground

    Lakewood Parks new playground

    You might be wondering what the new playground at Lakewood park might look like. Personally I believe the dangerous, tall, and very exotic playground was perfect. When we were little, the park tough us to toughen up. That’s something that we have been losing, generation by generation.

    I specifically remember countless times of a tire swing smacking me in the face, and falling off the climbing ropes on the side of the wooden ship, and slipping on that really weird piece of rubber between two tires. Sure these things sound awful, but I believe these things teach you a sense of learning from your mistakes. Making a park safer so kids don’t get hurt will only make the next generation weaker. Part of being a kid is getting hurt. Riding your scooter, then falling and getting rode-rash teaches you not to fall.

    I will never forget the countless number of times I had landed on my hands, tearing the skin off my palms. With that I learned not to use my hands as a landing pad. The old Lakewood park had a “child’s dreamland” vibe. It had a wooden ship, with ropes down the side, a dragon made out of tires, two castles, etc. A child’s imagination mixed with that park gave the park endless possibilities. A child can only imagine so much when a park is just metal bars and slides. We shouldn’t build parks to fit the needs of the adults.

    I believe as adults we start to forget how kid’s imagine things and LOVE big ships like they see in the Disney movies. I’m not saying all of this because of my own personal nostalgia for the old park, rather that we need to stop building parks so metal bared and boring.

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