Newest Rivals?

Newest Rivals?

Joe Byczek

In the NBA world today, whenever you tune into anything you will either hear something about the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many people are comparing them to the old Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics rivalry that was going on for quite some time. It was what people wanted to see and it always took over basketball for a while.

That is what is making many fans and people in the league very concerned however. They fear that both of these super teams are making the game boring and too predictable. Almost everyone already knows that both of them fill face each other in the finals, so it gets boring just waiting for the two teams to meet the other one there and knocking all the other teams out by sweeps.

With the newly acquired Kevin Durant from this season, it should be an even greater challenge for the Cavaliers once the finals rolls around. If Cleveland can stay healthy the whole way through, it should be a very interesting series just like last year. Except this year the Cavaliers have new sharp shooter Kyle Korver and many other new role players that contribute tremendously.

However, both teams still have to win the East and West conference to even start thinking about a potential finals rematch. Although it won’t be that great of a test, the Warriors still have to get past the Houston Rockets or San Antonio Spurs. On the Eastern side of things, the Cavaliers have to defeat either the Boston Celtics or Washington Wizards. When a reporter asked Lebron James on who he would rather face, he stated the it wouldn’t matter.