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    Littering Affects Animals

    Littering Affects Animals

    Of course everyone has littered once in their life, from throwing trash on the ground or even just spitting your gum out on the ground when it’s lost its flavor. Even if it’s the tiniest piece of trash it could still cause a problem in the wildlife.

    It may just be outside to us humans but its the home for all animals. Humans dispose trillions of  tons of garbage every year. The average person in America produce about 2.6 pound of trash every single day.

    Litter is very harmful or deadly to the animals. The disposing of food are very quick to get contaminated and can gain many different types of bacteria that could easily cause food poisoning, which could be fatal to animals.

    Glass and plastic containers could be a death trap to the animals. Most animals are nosy and love to stick their nose in everything causing the container to get stuck on their face which could cause suffocation.

    Broken glass could also harm the animals by them stepping on the small pieces of glass which then would cause an open wound which could easily allow bacteria to get in and cause infection. Even aquatic animals are most affected by the garbage.

    Trash that’s tossed carelessly outside washes into storm drains and creeks, which empty into rivers that eventually flow to the oceans. Trash affects the habitat of marine and other aquatic environments causing death and injury to seabirds, fish, marine mammals, turtles and countless other species through swallowing and entanglement.

    All together littering is very bad for the environment and very deadly to the animals that live in it. It’s a very easy problem to fix with just one simple rule, throw your garbage away!

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