Miss Emily Stephenson

Miss Stephenson. Photo courtesy of yearbookavenue.com

Miss Stephenson. Photo courtesy of yearbookavenue.com

Eman Naserallah

Miss Emily Stephenson is one of those teachers to whom you relate more to her than probably your actual age friends. She teachers the Early Childhood Education/ Senior Services West Shore program class. Her classroom, famously known to be colorful and joyous, can be found on the second floor in room A202.

Before Miss Stephenson taught at Lakewood High School, she actually attended it! But, not as a full-time student. She, herself, was actually apart of the West Shore Early Childhood Education program. She was a student at Westlake High School.

Speaking of her education, after graduating from Westlake in 2008, Stephenson then went on to Ohio University. There she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2012.

Shortly after graduating, Stephenson got her job at Lakewood High School for the Early Childhood Education program. Currently, she teachers two classes, her junior set and senior set. In the mornings, every morning except Mondays and Fridays, she sends off her junior students to different locations all around Lakewood. Then, every afternoon, except Fridays, she gets to watch her seniors get on the bus to go to their sites.

Not only does Stephenson teach, she also coaches the swim team at Westlake High School. Then, in the meantime, she also runs two Lakewood High School clubs: Educators Rising and Key Club.