Riverdale: the new series based on the Archie Comics

Riverdale: the new series based on the Archie Comics

Valentina Teles

Riverdale is a TV show that airs on CW that is based on the characters from the Archie Comics. The show begins with Archie Andrews with a lot of pressure on his shoulders from the decisions he’s been making.

He decided to pursue a career in music, but his clandestine relationship with his instructor, Miss Grundy, has left him without a mentor. Also his friendship with his best friend, Jughead Jones,isn’t going very well. Things look like they’re about to change when a new girl, Veronica Lodge, arrives.

The chemistry between Veronica and Archie is undeniable. Although they have an instant interest for each other, Veronica decides to ignore it, in order to keep her friendship with Betty Cooper, who likes Archie for a long time.

Even though there is enough drama to keep this series going, that is not what it revolves around. Every little town has their secrets and mysteries, and this one is no different. The death of Jason Blossom, a high school student and star football player. He shot at Sweet Water River and it is yet unknown why and who had done it.

Accompanying him the day of his death was his shallow, too vain and too conceited twin sister, Cheryl Blossom. Who will stop at anything to find out who killed her brother. As the series progresses we find out that things are way more complicated then expected.

The melodrama goes way back to parents and even grandparents with a dispute between The Blossom family and The Cooper family. There are many other characters from the comics, that appear on the show like: Reggie Mantle, Josie and the Pussycats, Fred Andrews and more. The end of season 1 aired this past Thursday, May 11. Can’t wait to get some more answers on season 2.