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    PG Theater now showing The Little Mermaid

    PG Theater now showing The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid is a 1989 movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of a 16-year-old princess who lives under the sea. One of the seven daughters of Triton, Ariel.

    Ariel loves humans and all the many wonderful and mystical objects they posses. Even though her father is absolutely against any contact with humans and prohibited her of even owning any object related to them, Ariel cannot help herself from staying away because she is hopelessly in love with prince Eric, which happens to be a human.

    Ariel goes to the sea witch, Ursula, and makes a deal to give up her fins for legs in trade of her voice, so that she can win prince Eric’s heart.

    While Ariel wanted to be a human, many little girls watched the movie, and dreamed of being a mermaid. Now Cleveland is bringing little girls under the sea for at least a little taste of that experience, with Disney’s The Little Mermaid play showing on the PG Theater.

    The show is playing from May 12- 18, every Saturday and Sunday. Ariel is played by Kaelin Curran and Eric by Zach Stark. While the show still follows the story told by Disney and the songs we all love Director Jon Tisevich told us to expect a twist.

    He said  “Disney did a great job with the cartoon, we’re live theater and not a movie theater, our version is a little more gritty and raw and grounded in reality, more ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ We know it’s a Disney fairy tale, but if it was real, what would it look like?”.

    The tickets cost $27 for adults, $17 for 17 and younger and $24 for seniors. I look forward in taking my niece there and seeing how many wonders can one theater hold.

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