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    A blast from the past: The Goldbergs


    The Goldbergs is a TV series that airs on ABC every Wednesday at 8 pm. The show tells the story of a 1980’s family, that never seems to get out of family confusions.

    The younger son, Adam Goldberg, is your typical funny, awkward nerd that uses a camera to record the family’s crazy life. Berry Goldberg is the middle brother who has middle-brother issues, and Erica  Goldberg the oldest sibling who is the cranky, caring one.

    Beverly is their overprotective mother, and is clear to see that her children are her life. Murray, the father, that can’t seen to have a conversation without calling his kids morons and we cannot forget about old Pop’s the family’s loved grandfather.

    The show never fails to make you feel as if you were in the 80’s yourself. Bringing all the exaggerated clothes, hair, and make up, but also the newest things from the time. Like movies, technology, songs, toys, TV shows and more.

    The show portrays the life of an actual real family. The Goldbergs, are the family from the creator of the series. The real Adam Goldberg. The actors spent much time with the real family, hearing stories and watching the real tapes to portray the characters accurately.

    The show even holds a sweet surprise. In the end of every episode, they show you the real tapes from the story they just told you.The show is funny, entertaining, and whether you watch it to laugh, learn about the 80’s, or even to remember the 80’s, it is sure worth your time.

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