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    Opinion- Food In Class


    A huge controversy that I don’t agree with is not being allowed to have any food or beverages in class.  I strongly disagree with this because several people I know do not even have open lunch periods or even just regular free periods, such as study hall.  Food can keep student awake and alert and should be able to get some form of food. On top of this, some people just don’t eat breakfast and they choose to eat through the day.

    I think the school needs to understand that people need a more appropriate set of rules for eating and drinking during class.  While it can be a distraction for those who do have lunches and other open periods, the majority of these students are not the same way.   Even if the school does put a small ban on large foods, that would be better.  In my opinion, the larger the food option, the more of a distraction and poor learning environment.

    Some teachers have microwaves in their rooms, or they have some snacks in their room for students.  While this is convenient, it is also not a very smart idea, due to the factors that contribute to a poor learning environment, such as: distractions, loud noises from the microwave, and, most important, everyone wanting to use the microwave for their food.  In conclusion, I support having food in classes, but this could be a large problem that teachers probably do not want to deal with, which is why they should limit snacking to smaller items.

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