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    Celtic’s Selection

    Celtics Selection

    The draft lottery has happened and the Boston Celtics have received the number one selection the lottery this year, after being the number one seed in this years playoffs also. This pick could help build on a strong organization that they already have going or they could trade the pick for a later one and potentially receive money to their already strong program.

    The big question is if they were to keep the number one pick, who would they choose with this selection? Many people say they would choose Markelle Fultz from Washington. The all-star point guard Isaiah Thomas says he’s been talking to Fultz throughout this whole scenario and would really like to play with him. He’s an amazing playmaker and can do almost everything you would want from a basketball player anywhere on the court. They are most likely going to pass on Lonzo Ball from UCLA because he wouldn’t work out anywhere besides the Los Angeles Lakers. Also, the need for him isn’t anywhere near it is for Fultz.

    If the Boston Celtics were to trade this pick, it could open many more windows for plenty of opportunity. Without the number one pick, they would still be in good shape. One reason being they could pick up a player later in the lottery that most teams would sleep on and be very useful to the organization. Another reason being for money and building on an already successful program.

    The Celtics are still in the Eastern Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, down 1-0 in the series early at home. Lets see if they can turn things around tonight or if the Cavaliers will keep dominating their way through the playoffs through the finals.

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