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    Instagram Is the Worst Social Media for Young People’s Health

    According to researchers at UCLA’S Brain Mapping Center have found that when teens post pictures and get lost of likes, the brain responds in the way similar to seeing loved ones and winning money.

    Instagram is the app that creates this the most for teens followed by Snapchat. The survey studied over 1500 people ages fourteen through twenty-four.

    YouTube is said to have a positive affect of the brain but, Snapchat Facebook, Instagram and all our social media sites have a negative effect.

    Instagram has the most negative effect on young girls mental health. It has young girls comparing themselves to unrealistic photopshopped women. It easily makes girls feel like their bodies aren’t fit enough the way other girls look.

    RSPH has asked for social media to place warnings on images that have been digital manipulated. It would appear anytime a filter or edit is applied. They don’t want the photos to be banned just to tell others when the photo is filtered.

    All that is being looked for is that social media does the opposite effect and makes people feel better about themselves, create something positive.

    Even thought Instagram has negatively affected body images it has also helped people express their feelings in a positive way with self-identity.

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