Put your brooms back

Put your brooms back

Joseph Lemmeier

May 21, on a warm Sunday night in downtown Cleveland, the Cavaliers looked to continue  their undefeated post season. With Isaiah Thomas out because of injury, it seemed easy to sweep the Celtics. But, after game two’s embarrassment on the Celtics, they weren’t going down without a fight.

With the star player out, this allowed certain players to step up. Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart put on an offensive performance. Both playing over 40 minutes, and had over 20 points each. The Cavs were up big in the first half, it was 67 to 50 going into halftime. The Cavs were playing good basketball.

Coming out of the half, the Celtics dominated. They were cutting the lead down, and by the end of the third quarter it was 88 to 82. Al Horford was dominating the paints, thats where the Cavs were getting beat at. But, you also couldn’t leave the outside open because Bradley, Crowder, and Smart could all shoot it. As the time wen’t down, so did the Cavs lead.

With 3 minutes left in the game , the score was tied at 98 . A little bit went by and the Celtics got a lead. The Cavs needed to score but it just wasn’t happening. Al Horford bodies his way into the paints and scored, now the Celtics are up 3 with 20 seconds to play. LeBron drives down court and gets into the paints, almost loses the ball but kicks it out to JR Smith. The shot goes up and it drops, the game is now tied at 108.

Celtics call timeout, and get the ball at half court with 11 seconds left. The ball gets in bounded to Marcus Smart, and Avery Bradley sets a pick the picker screen. He then pops out after setting the pick and gets a wide open opportunity. With 5 seconds left he shoots the ball, it rattles on the rim and drops in. The Celtics have finally broke the Cavaliers 13 game winning streak. The series is now 2-1, and is basically anyone’s to grab.