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    The end of a journey


    It’s a bittersweet moment, that comes sooner than you think. Many people tell you don’t take high school for granted, that it goes by quicker than you think. This is a statement that is very underrated. When my siblings use to tell me high school would go by in the blink an eye I never believed them. Now that I’m in my last week of high school this is starting to kick in.


    Coming in as freshmen I couldn’t wait to get out, and now that it’s here it’s such a surreal moment. A lot of pressure comes with senior year. Pressure such as expenses, stress with college, and most of all prom! If there’s anything I can say to be true about senior year, it’s senioritis. Senioritis is a real thing. Many people say “I’m a sophomore and I already have senioritis” NO that is nothing compared to the real deal.


    Throughout high school, you get annoyed with your parents nagging you about school. Once you reach the end you really start to appreciate everything everyone has done for you. After high school is the real world, and you’re on your own. No more teachers reminding you of your missing work etc. it’s all up to you,


    Your fate after high school lies in your hands. A  piece of advice to incoming freshman would be to enjoy everything high school has to offer. Don’t take anything in high school for granted. From the dances to the pep rallies you won’t get those moments back. It’s important to cherish these moments you have in high school, because before you know it it’ll all be over.



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